Outdoor Plants & Gifts

Veldkamp's Garden Center - Bright Mixed Hanging Baskets, Hanging Baskets, Dragon Wing Begonia, Potted Plants

We recently opened our new garden center and stocked it with gorgeous green, flowering, potted plants and beautiful outdoor hanging baskets. Live plants make the perfect gift for any occasion. Our garden center is located at 9501 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, CO 80215. We buy plants and flowers direct from the growers in the United States and abroad. Our goal in buying direct is simple. We get better pricing, higher quality products and shorten the time between the date the flowers or plants are packaged for shipment to us and the time we actually deliver them to you. That allows us to share the cost savings with you and fresher plants and flowers means you get to enjoy them longer. Outdoor Plants Are Local Delivery Only